After reading this blog, I am sure you will not be confused with the confusion matrix.

Let’s get started.

The confusion matrix is the table that is used to describe the performance of the model.

We can use accuracy as a metric to analyze the performance of the model, then why confusion matrix???
What is the need for Confusion matrix???

So to understand this let us consider an example of the cancer prediction model.
Since this is a binary classification model its job is to detect cancerous patients based on some features. Considering that only a few, get cancer out of…

Stimulus is an event that happens to us, and response is our reaction or action towards that event.
We respond in a particular way to a particular stimulus.

But in between stimulus and response, We have the freedom to choose how we respond.
And based on our freedom of choice to respond, we either become reactive or proactive.

Reactive people are affected by physical, social, or psychological environment and response to the stimulus is based on their surrounding environment. Response keeps changing based on the change in the environment. …

Documenting my learning and creating beginner-friendly content.

The main reason for me to blog, is to write about things I learned and difficulties I faced while learning something new so that if a beginner is starting on the same journey, they might quickly understand beginner stuff and quickly move to intermediate level.

We usually learn complicated concepts with hard work and dedication but as we work on it for few days, those concepts become easy for us, and at that time if a beginner asks us about that concept we explain with lot jargons and might not be able to explain in a beginner-friendly way.

so I…

Recently I have been exploring Couchbase Analytics service and finding out how it could be more useful and increase efficiency compared to Couchbase query service.

Couchbase Analytics service comes with enterprise addition.

Couchbase Analytics is a parallel data management capability for Couchbase Server which is designed to efficiently run large ad hoc join, set, aggregation, and grouping operations over many records.

Why analytics?

Every business does these three things in a cycle or a spiral [The Goal].

  1. Run the business process to deliver products or services to the customers.
  2. Analyze the business to determine what to change and what to…

I was having problem in establishing connection to Couchbase server in ec2 from my laptop using public ip in Couchbase java sdk. So for me, only way moving forward was creating maven project in ec2 instance and connect to Couchbase using connection String “localhost”.

This blog is about how I created maven project in Ubuntu ec2 instance from terminal and established connection to Couchbase server to fetch data from bucket.

Maven is a Java tool, so you must have Java installed in order to proceed.
First, download Maven and follow the installation instructions . …

Project Overview

I am writing this Blog to report my finding for the Starbuck’s Capstone Project of the Udacity Data Science Nanodegree.
Starbucks is providing data on their promotional offers to be analyzed, the data set contains simulated data that mimics customer behavior on the Starbucks rewards mobile app.

You can here find GitHub repository of project and Detailed explanation of code in Jupyter Notebook file of project.

Business understanding

In this analysis, I want to try to reach to Solution with Data I have. Data -> Question -> Solution.

Problem Statement

  1. Can we classify if an offer is going to be successful based on demographic…

Do you feel there are workflows in ML project that can be automated??

Then you should read this blog.

Once you have done enough of modeling and crossed the barrier of beginner, you will find yourself doing the same few steps over and over again in the same anaysis. You need some tool to automate the same repeating steps.
And guess what?
You have tool in Python scikit-learn, Pipelines that help to to clearly define and automate these workflows.

Pipelines allows linear sequence of data transforms to be chained together.
Scikit-learn’s pipeline class is a useful tool for encapsulating multiple different…

I am using Stack overflow Annual Developer survey Data from 2017 to 2020. You can find it here.
If you are using kaggle then you can find the data here.
This blog is based on my notebook on kaggle. You can click here for code.
Github repo of project

In this analysis, I want to concentrate/ask 4 Questions, and try to reach to Solution with Data I have.
Data -> Question -> Solution.


  1. Is Formal Education necessary to become Professional Developer?
  2. As a Software engineer, Is it better to work in India or move to Western countries?
  3. Which country…

Read about logotherapy, flow in part 3 here . Read entire series here .

“The grand essentials to happiness in this life are something to do, something to love, and something to hope for.” ~ Washington Burnap

“There’s no secret to it. The trick is just to live.”

“Have an important purpose in life. have an ikigai, but don’t take it too seriously. Be relaxed and enjoy all that you do”

These quotes may help you understand their mindset. Live happily busy is their mantra. So they live long life.

Curious to know what world’s longest-living people eat and drink??

Read about 80% rule, Moai, becoming immortal in part 2 here . Read entire series here .

In chapter 3, book introduces us to Logotherapy.

In logotherapy the patient sits up straight and has to listen to things that are, on occasion, hard to hear.
It helps you find reasons to live. Logotherapy pushes you to consciously discover life’s purpose. The quest to fulfill destiny then motivates to break all the mental chains of the past and overcome whatever obstacles that encounter along the way.

One crazy question can change the way we look at life. Try to ask.

Why should I not commit suicide??


Kiran U Kamath

machine learning enthusiast

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